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Current Abstraction by Donal Boyd


Current Abstraction by Donal Boyd

Current Abstraction by Donal Boyd. Photo Print: Signed and numbered in pencil, 50x70 cm/19.7x27.5 in. Published by Reykjavík Print, edition of 20. ©Donal Boyd. Photographed by Donal Boyd (2017) along the Atlantic coastline in Iceland.

"Glacial meltwater meets tidal currents of sub-arctic waters sweeping volcanic sediments
onto shore sub-arctic waters. Ocean currents transform where glacial meltwater meets the volcanic Atlantic coastline." –Donal Boyd

Donal is donating 10% of his profits from each sale to the Icelandic Environmental Association".

About the artist

Donal Boyd (b. 1990) was born and raised in Boston, MA, USA, but is currently based in the Southern Highland mountains of Iceland. 

Donal’s imagery and captions probe the his audience to think deeper about the world and to consider the connections we all share. He’s deeply passionate about wildlife conservation and much of his work focuses on promoting projects involved with protecting fragile ecosystems around the world.

In early 2016 Donal quit his job as a Chemical Engineer in Boston, MA, USA and moved to Iceland to pursue his passion for photography full-time. Previously, he was practicing photography professionally on the side, but wasn’t ready to go full-time until he visited Iceland for the first time back in June of 2015. During this first trip, Donal was completely awestruck by the intensity of the landscape and forever changing climate. He felt such a strong connection to the nature that he became totally consumed by it and on that initial adventure, decided he couldn’t live anywhere else in the world.

Since he’s settled in Iceland, Donal has spent countless hours exploring the country in his Land Rover Defender with friends and feels most alive when traveling the rugged interior Highlands. His favorite activities involve traversing rivers in his Landy, exploring glaciers with his drone, and eating lamb soup. Donal’s photographic work has now expanded outside of Iceland and mainly focuses on wildlife and nature conservation worldwide.

Rucksack Magazine – “Donal Boyd is quite simply a sensational travel and adventure photographer. His breath-taking images from around the globe have gained a huge following on Instagram and he is quickly becoming one of the most influential travel and landscape photographers on social media.”

The Hum – “The most important expectations for life are your own…”

WOW Air Magazine“Finding the Right Exposure”