Reykjavík Print

About us

About us
We are an independent publisher based in the heart of Reykjavik, Iceland. We publish art and design and opened our doors in March 2017. Our first collections include limited edition and signed art prints by the prominent contemporary Icelandic artists Hulda Hákon and Steingrímur Eyfjörð.   

Reykjavík Print is founded by designers and writers at Icelandic creative agency Karousel. The goal for Reykjavik Print is to make contemporary art and design of Iceland accessible to people worldwide interested in unique and Nordic products of quality. Reykjavik Print aims to extend the reach of Icelandic culture by supporting the country's leading contemporary artists.

Sharing Icelandic art and design
“I’m really excited about making the art of some of my favorite Icelandic artists available to a larger audience. For me, it’s a way of sharing the beauty of our art and culture. The collaboration with Hulda, Sindri and Steingrímur has been so positive. I’m honored and humbled by their trust in us,” said Maria Ericsdóttir Panduro, Reykjavik Print founder and the owner of Karousel. “We, at Reykjavik Print, take the role of supporting their talent and extending their reach with fans worldwide. We look forward to working with many more Icelandic creatives, people we know and admire but who might be unknown outside of Iceland.”

Created with consideration for the planet
Ever mindful of its impact on the planet, Reykjavik Print promises to do everything with consideration for the environment, including choosing paper from sustainable forests in Sweden and using environmentally friendly printing processes.