Reykjavík Print

Concrete poems by Sindri Freysson & María Ericsdóttir Panduro

Three art prints: Absence, Missing and Change.

About this collection: A series of three art prints with concrete poems. Selected poems from the book Prisoner of the Ground-Mist by Sindri Freysson, graphic design by María Ericsdóttir Panduro, founder of design firm Karousel and art director and founder of Reykjavík Print. Signed and numbered in pencil, 40x50 cm/16x20 in. Nr. 1 is Absence, Nr. 2 is Missing and Nr. 3 is called ChangePublished by Reykjavík Print. Original prints, limited edition of 200. Five color print on Munken paper. ©Sindri Freysson & María Ericsdóttir Panduro.