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Beneath the Starlit Sky by Hulda Hákon

66.000 kr

Beneath a starlit sky Art print by Hulda Hakon

Beneath a Starlit Sky by Hulda Hákon. Art Print: Signed and numbered in pencil, 50x70 cm/19.7x27.5 in. Photographer: Ari Magg. Published by Reykjavík Print, edition of 200. © Hulda Hákon. The original: Beneath a Starlit Sky, 2008. Size: 55x55x15 cm/21.7x21.7x5.9 in. Acrylics on hydrocal. Private collection, Reykjavík.

About the artist
Hulda Hákon (b. 1956, Iceland) is a sculptor and painter whose work hinges on human relations, sometimes with reference to Icelandic mythology. Text always plays an important role in Hulda’s work, and while it most often originates from the daily life, when she has integrated words into her art, her viewer is confronted with a new and multi-layered sense of reality. Hákon has actively exhibited her works far and wide. She represented Iceland at the Sydney Biennial (1990) and ARS (Kiasma Helsinki, 1995). Her works are in the collection of museums in Iceland and some abroad. Her wall reliefs are in private collections in Iceland, Greenland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Germany, the Netherlands, Swiss, Spain, USA, the UK, China and Australia.

“In my life I have tried to
make good art and to be a
nice person. 

I have had four dogs,
four cats, one sheep, two horses and two parrots.

Now I have a husband,
one son, three grandsons, a dog
and a restaurant.”