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Missing Art Print by Sindri Freysson and Maria Ericsdottir Panduro

Missing, poem by Sindri Freysson, design by María Ericsdóttir Panduro. Original Print: Signed and numbered in pencil, 50x40 cm/20x16 in. Nr. 3 in a series of three concrete poems. Published by Reykjavík Print, edition of 200. © Sindri Freysson & María Ericsdóttir Panduro. 

About this collection
A series of three concrete poems by Sindri Freysson and illustrated by designer María Ericsdóttir Panduro. 

Featured Icelandic art print

Stimmung Art Print by Steingrimur Eyfjord

Stimmung by Steingrímur Eyfjörð. Art Print: Signed and numbered in pencil, 50x70 cm / 19.5x27.5 in. Unframed edition of 200. The original: Stimmung, 2015. Size: 50x62,5 cm / 19.6x 24.6 in. Enamel and spray paint on aluminum. Hverfisgallerí, Reykjavík.